Strawberries in Korea during the Winter Season

Source article: Translated by: MIN Hye-yong from Seoul International School Have you been to local groceries recently and wondered what is the deal with all the strawberries?  Normally, strawberries are in season during spring. However, modern agricultural wonder that is the green house brings them to our tables much sooner and for some time now,… [Continue Reading]

Strawberries in Korea during the Winter Season

Sexy Gift Giving Guide for Couples – Potentially NSFW

This is a guest post by Anna Jones The holiday season always poses the question: What should I get for my partner? We rack our brains trying to think of the perfect gift for them. Sometimes we knock it out of the park and sometimes we fail miserably. This year, go for the former,… [Continue Reading]

Bored couple

History of Korean Girl Bands

Source: Chosun Ilbo

History of Korean Girl Groups

Top 10 Korean Celebrities of 2012

The latest Korean sensation to hit the globe can undoubtedly be captured in a singular syllable and rodeo dance: Psy.  Gangnam Style hit 100 million views on Youtube just 52 days from its release.  It is the 5th most viral video of all time, beloved by all genders from Indonesia to Brazil, from T-Pain to… [Continue Reading]


What is your biggest question about Korea?

  You can ask anything about Korean life, Teaching in Korea, Life in Korea, about Korean Women, anything. I’m thinking of compiling a list of questions that everyone wants to know. Ask them in the comments below.


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